Friday, January 8, 2010

Worn Out!!!

Who knew 2 days of school could make me so tired!!! I guess a room full of five and six year olds could make anyone tired though! Thursday was good. The kids were surprisingly calm, that should have been the first clue I guess! Today, they were back, in prime form. They were full of energy and spunk! Wish I could have said the same for myself.
It's been a hard day but I'm trying to work through it. I have struggled to get through many days since January 8, 1999. It just doesn't seem possible that 11 years have gone by. I remember that day just like it were yesterday. The events are clear and precise and I replay it over and over and think of all the things I could have done differently but know that no matter how I could have changed my choices it would not have altered the event itself for God had a different plan. I must continue to look forward, think positively and know that I will see my Daddy again!
So it's super cold here again today. I came home from work but first I made a quick shopping stop to get me a warm hat! Car pool duty in the freezing temperatures about did me in! It's 16 degrees right now and I'm so cold!!! Maggie doesn't even want to go out! I'm just doing some laundry tonight and trying to take it easy. I'm planning to work on some report cards this weekend and help Tom with a little project (not looking forward to either of those projects but they must be done). Stay warm friends!!!


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