Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bachelor Review Week 2

Well, this season on the Bachelor proves itself once again as a drama filled festival. We had our weekly watching night at Kara's house and this time we printed off each of the remaining 15 ladies photos and put them in order of who we thought would get a rose. We were pretty much right with the exception of 2 (Michelle- I cry to get my way and Christina- would anyone like a jelly bean). I was shocked he kept Michelle! I think she has about 1 week left.
On to the real scoop- Rozalyn. Can you believe her? I am waiting to see what talk show she appears on with the staffer that she was having inappropriate relationships with! I want to see what that guy looks like- don't you?
Next week appears to be another "most dramatic rose ceremony ever." It looks like another lady will be leaving. My bets are on Vienna- how about you guys?
Until next week...


Sarah said...

I agree with you--I think Vienna is hittin' the road next week. And Michelle? I'm thinking she's more than a little nuts. Get that girl some help!

Katie's Journey said...

I think it is going to be Vienna too. Michelle better not get a rose! That would be the writers telling him he has to keep her on the show which is just wrong!

Amanda Ledford said...

I am hoping for Michelle and Vienna. They are my least two favs right now.

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