Monday, January 4, 2010

The Bachelor Week 1 Review

Alright Ladies...
We have ourselves a Texan!!! Whoohoo!!! No one is more excited than this girl!!!

This is my dear friend Kara. She and I have both loved Jake since his premiere appearance on the Bachelorette last year. Kara even had the opportunity to be his Facebook friend and she turned it down! I know...she is kicking herself now!!!
Anyway, we watched and made our list... Notice the happy and sad faces at the top. Those are obviously the girls we liked and didn't like so much...First impressions count I'll tell ya!

We made notes on our list as we "met" each girl during the one on one time. Then as Jake handed out the roses in "the most dramatic rose ceremony ever" (ha!) We circled the girls who received roses...including...Michelle!!! Ahhh!!! She only got the rose cause she cried!!! Or how about the girl (christina) who handed out jelly beans when she came in the house! Can you believe the nerve of these girls?!?!

So Kara and I are working on our big list where we have pictures of the girls and more notes. We plan to hang this on the wall each Monday so we can sort of keep score if you will. I'll be sure to post pictures because I know ya'll are interested!!!
Oh yeah...will someone please tell me how they come up with the most sophisticated names for these girls jobs? Fit model? What exactly does that mean?
Ha!!! Seems like this season is going to be "the most dramatic season of the Bachelor ever"! Can't wait for next week! What do you all think of our predictions?


Christa said...

Thanks for participating in the first "Bachelor Tuesday"!! I love your list...I do not feel as bad now because I do the exact same thing! LOL

Katie's Journey said...

I lvoe your list! I think this season is going to be aamzing!

Shanna said...

I love the list...I've never heard of anyone doing that!

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