Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow? NO!!!!

Well, teachers have been back to school since Monday, kids officially come back tomorrow- a Thursday, I know...I didn't make the calendar! Anyway, now the forecast is calling for ice tonight and tomorrow. I really need us to be in school tomorrow. I mean the kids just had almost 3 weeks of vacation they don't need an extra day! Plus, if we don't go tomorrow, we lose one of our days at Easter. I need my children in my classroom- even if it isn't all of them- we just need to be in school! I actually did run in the grocery store this afternoon on my way home (yes, it was a nightmare) and ran into several school families. The children were all excited about possibly having another day off! I guess we will just have to play the waiting game now!!! Too bad they won't officially call school off until I'm up and ready to leave in the morning!!! Ha!


Christa said...

That is too cool that your husband was her drivers ed teacher! How did she do? My mom works in the schools and she's hoping it does snow so she won't have to go! Ha! But I bet she hasn't thought about loosing a day!

Katie's Journey said...

I remember always wanting a day off when I was school and it actually happened... we got 3 but did not have to make them up because pretty much everyone in our area was out. Now almost having my own classroom, I never want to have a bad weather day knowing we will have to make it up. If only the kids would realize that!

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