Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Guess Who?

Yeah, it's ME!!! I'm back! I am back and ready to blog again. It's been a rough few months and I've had to deal with a lot of things and some of those things I am still dealing with. I just ask for patience and peace and one day, I will reveal everything. But for now, let's catch up shall we?

I guess the last time I blogged was right after my 31st (eek) birthday and I got a nice gift...a new car! I also, went home to visit my friends in Chattanooga which was a blast. It's something about being home that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Now, I didn't really do much but visit friends and just sit and stare at the mountains and take in all the glory that being home brought. It was nice.

November, I spent Thanksgiving here in Texas with my family. It was good.

December, I went home again and actually had the time of my life as I traveled alone and could listen to myself think. I left the day school got out and caught a flight to Atlanta, arrived 9:45pm and drove to South Carolina. I got in town around 2 in the morning at my favorite aunt's house. Then the next day I went to celebrate Christmas with my mom's side of the family. That was fun! Sunday, I hopped in the car and drove all the way to Huntsville, Alabama to surprise my grandmother. That was great. I had coffee with her the next morning and she loaded me up with tons of German goodies, read snacks, cookies and the like. I then spent Monday and Tuesday in Chattanooga and left Tuesday to head back to Dallas via Atlanta airport. That is when things got sketchy. You know how they always tell you to get to the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure...they mean it now with Delta. I got to the airport 2 hours before and when I checked in, they offered me a deal. It sort of went like an auction. Name your price for giving up your seat on this flight and if you are the best bidder, we will give you a voucher for your said amount and you are off. Guess who got lucky? Ding, ding, ding. Yep, me. However, it wasn't just myself. Turns out, 15 of us where booted off the flight for some strange reason. I didn't care though. I earned a free flight, a hotel and 2 meals out of that deal. Score!!! Good thing I always pack spare clothes in my carry on.

January, school is back in session. Nothing new to tell.

February. Oh February. Have I mentioned I live in Texas where the most winter wardrobe one might need is a sweatshirt? Not true this year my friends. We were bombarded with snow days...4 to be exact where the temperatures were in their teens. I stayed in pajamas the entire 4 days. It was colder in Dallas than in Alaska. What? Yeah, well tomorrow, they are calling for more of the white stuff. If only I could go and pick up some students to teach. I need to be in that classroom!!! The only good thing, I can get some laundry done and my house cleaned and catch up on my DVR'd shows, if only I wouldn't have accidently erased all of those. Hmmmm..

Until next time...and I promise it won't be months:) Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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