Friday, January 15, 2010

Enjoying the Journey Even If It's Hard

I am attempting to enjoy the journey. I realize that life is not going to be perfect 100% of the time and that I must enjoy the moments that I am in instead of always looking to what is ahead. I spent the afternoon thinking about some special people. One is a child who I taught in Kindergarten, the other is a father of a student I taught in Kindergarten and the other is a Kindergarten child in my school district. These 3 individuals have never met but have something in common other than their love for the Lord. These three have all battled or are currently battling cancer. The one little girl is currently a happy, healthy second grader and couldn't be more precious. Her smile melts my heart every single day. She hugs me every chance she gets and has taught me to tell everyone I love, how much I love them every day! The father, just recently found out he has colon cancer. Please pray for Brent and his family. They are wonderful people! The other child is battling leukemia. He is a five year old who has so much to look forward to in life. His journey will be long and I'm sure he will be courageous in his fight. He will teach me more lessons than I could ever learn from any textbook. I'm praying for these three people right now who have touched my life in ways that no one ever has. I ask you to pray as well.


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