Monday, March 29, 2010

I am the Cake Boss!!!

My nephew Liam, turned 3 Friday and had his party on Saturday at his house. I have made all of his birthday cakes (year 1- 3D dragon cake, year 2- 3D barn cake) so this year, he gave me his request for a volcano cake or as he referred to it, a gooey gyser cake! I was happy to fulfill his request.

He loved his cake and all the candles that we had! My mom had bought candles, my sister and I had all bought different kinds of sparkling candles to make his cake sparkle. Of course we had to try them all out too!
Happy Birthday Liam! Aunt Chea loves you very much!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flip Flops Yesterday Snow Today!

WOW!!! That is about all I can say about today's weather. Friday, we went out to eat with some friends and I had on flip flops and a sleeveless top because it was 73 degrees out. Saturday, it was bitter cold- 33 degrees. This morning, I woke up to snow. It is still coming down actually. So much for all of the beautiful plants that I just put out. I did cover them but had no idea it was going to snow. Great, sense a bit of sarcasm here if you will! I at least hope it's gone soon so that we actually get to go back to school tomorrow. (I never thought that statement would come out of my mouth!) Glad I went to the grocery store last night because today looks like I'll be inside ALL day! Global warming? As if!

Don't forget to head over to and enter to win her fabulous giveaway! I personally need that spray tan!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Time Spruce Up

Spring break is nearly half way over...(tears)! I am trying to get lots of things crossed off of my to do list but sadly, they aren't being crossed off nearly as fast as I'd hoped. I did make it to the tailors to drop off some jeans Tom bought me but I haven't picked them up yet, hopefully today. I planted flowers out front yesterday evening. We also made it to the tire shop to get Tom's new tires, got Maggie to the vet, visiting the dentist today, haircut tomorrow and visited the CPA to get our taxes done (I have to find a few more pieces of paperwork for that to be completed). I am thankful for spring break otherwise, I have no idea when I would have gotten all these things done!
I am planning to stop in at Walmart to get some organizational bins to sort of organize my cabinets in my bathroom and kitchen area. My hope is that I can throw away some of the "stuff" that I have collected. I am known for keeping things because, "I might use that for something sometime." That's my famous line! I did get lots of things tossed away last night around 11pm. If you know me IRL, you know that I am in bed by 9 every night, that includes summer! I like to get up early though so I use my daylight time well!
Alright, time to get some chores done today! First stop, the dentist...jealous?
Happy Wednesday!

Friday, March 12, 2010


I am the worst at making decisions. I like for others to make them for me or I pray that everything will work out like it's supposed to. I fret and worry until the decision is made especially when it is something I really care about. Well, some things have come up and I have been asked to do something that I DO NOT want to do. I understand that the final outcome is not up to me but I'm trusting that what I really want to do and my feelings about things have been made crystal clear. I ask that all of my blog friends pray that things remain just as they are for me. I am happy and do not want that to change. I'm asking you to please pray for me during this time.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I love to shop! I love to shop for anything however, I must say that I despise trying on clothes. I am known to buy something because it looks cute on the hanger and then I get it home and decide it's not as cute on me as it was hanging up and then the item hangs in my closet or waits in the bag waiting to be returned. Then suddenly, I realize that I've missed the "return by" date and the item suddenly belongs to me. Well, when I shop with my husband, he insists that I try on EVERYTHING. We went out shopping yesterday looking for winter items on sale that we could take with us to Alaska. Well, I was in desperate need for some jeans. So, that definitely meant I was going to have to visit the fitting room. My wide hip area forces me to be very particular about the jeans I purchase. I have to pick jeans that have a little stretch and a little wider leg to balance out my figure. I have wanted to get some jeans with a little bling and have tried on a few in the past (rock and republic, true religion) except I can't find any that fit me the way I like so I reverted back to GAP. I have no idea why I even bother attempting to leave that store empty handed! I found that I do love the long and lean jeans and even found that I can wear a whole size smaller. I'm now sporting a 2!!!! Hooray for the time I've spent on the treadmill. It has actually worked- despite my girl scout cookie addiction! Anyway, on our way out of the mall, I saw some adorable blinged out jeans by MissMe. I tried them on and they were awesome. A little pricy but Tom said they were worth it if they made me happy! I think he was just ready to quit hearing the question of the day, "do these make my hips look bigger?" I purchased a pair and can't wait to wear them. I think I am set up with jeans for a while!!!
On another note- I must get on the WiiFIT today. I bought a lift for my balance board. I am looking to tone up a bit- in the leg/hip area. What exercies should I try?

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