Sunday, January 3, 2010

Relax, Rest, Recoop, Rehydrate

The four R's seem to have worked. I am feeling so much better today. I'm still taking precautions but my tummy feels so much better.
We actually spent yesterday afternoon running a few errands- gas station before we get our next winter blast scheduled for next Wednesday night, returning one last gift, and finally putting a few Christmas decorations in the attic. I still have to take down the tree today but all of the ornaments are off so it shouldn't be too big of a job- I'll have Tom to help so that will make it easier.
We settled in last night and put in a movie after the football game. Tom popped some popcorn and I actually ate some this time! Look who else had to join in...

I just noticed that Ham is getting in on the action! Poor cat thinks he is a dog!

Maggie LOVES popcorn! When she hears it popping she comes running to the kitchen and will bark until we give her some! We actually bought some popcorn for dogs. It's called Woofy Pop and it comes in strange flavors that only dogs would love- think bacon flavor, chicken flavor! Gross!!! Maggie still just loves the classics! One place we do like to frequent is Popcorn Papa! This place has many flavors to choose from. I personally like the parmesean garlic! It is awesome! We usually have to make a weekly trip to pick some up. Speaking of...I should go by and get some to take to work tomorrow! Guess my appetite is back after all!


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