Tuesday, February 2, 2010


We have officially booked our summer vacation! We are headed to Alaska with my BFF Jane and her husband (or as I commonly refer to him, my second husband) Mark. We went with them to Hawaii last summer and we decided then that we would go on an Alaskan cruise the next year. So...here we are, 6 months away from summer vacation and I'm totally excited!!! The one thing that I am definitely doing is dog sledding. I don't care if I don't do anything else, I just want to experience the dog sled, see a glacier and do some whale watching. I'm pumped (as if you couldn't tell)!!!

Update: We are leaving out of Seattle (can't wait to catch up with you Mary!) We are also going on Princess cruise line Becky! I am so excited!!! Any suggestions anyone can give us on things to do, I would love to hear it!


Ashlee & Gordon said...

That is so exciting...how much fun!! I have heard it is just beautiful there.

Becky said...

Yeah! You will love it! We took a cruise to Alaska in 2003 and I literally wanted to move there when we got home. It's just breathtaking! We went on Princess-I don't know which cruise line you are taking, I am sure they all go the same route. The whale watching tour was good too. We didn't do the dog sledding, Terence wanted to soo bad...but we didn't. I say live it up and experience it all! You will LOVE it!

mary said...

Are you starting your cruise in Seattle? We live here- so if that is a yes and you are here a day or two before your cruise leaves, let me know- would love to go out to dinner with you!

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