Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Reason I LOVE My Job!

I have been in a crummy mood the past few weeks. So much has been going on and I have been struggling. I have been depressed over many things and broke out in tears yesterday morning. I came in to work this morning and started my computer but I noticed in all of my piles of paper work, a folded sheet of paper and when I opened it I found this...

Now, I get lots of pictures and notes from kids but this one note from this child makes all the difference. This child struggles each day, physically, socially, academically. He makes me come to work and want to teach him new things and see his face light up with glee when he gets the right answers or learns something new. This child is one of the many reasons I teach!


Katie's Journey said...

What a wonderful professions we are in! Kids like that make us want to be at work! When subbing this past Friday in kindergarten so many of the kids kept telling me... I Love you Miss Klohn! Just made me day!

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