Saturday, February 13, 2010

Treat for Babies that I LOVE

So I am constantly on the watch for baby products, you know, just preparing for my future! Well, I have eaten Goldfish crackers forever and I know lots of my mom friends give them to their toddlers for a snack. Well, I love to buy several different flavors to pair with my lunch time soups. Pizza crackers with tomato soup, original with chicken noodle soup and parmesan with vegetable soup, you get the idea! Recently, I went to the store and saw (in the baby aisle no less) Smores adventure Goldfish!

These are like heaven in a bag for me! I love smores and though these aren't quite like real smores with the gooey marshmallow and the smooth chocolate but they do have chocolate and honey graham goldfish with dried marshmallows (like the kind in Lucky Charms cereal which I also heart!)
I recently went shopping with my mom at the newest Kroger Superstore which is right behind her neighborhood. The Kroger store has a jeweler inside along with a furniture store! Anyway, I found Smore's Adventure Goldfish for a whopping 88 cents a bag- you guessed it, I stocked up!!! I am almost out though so I either need to take a trip back to Kroger (it's an hour away) or call my mom to pick me up a few more bags!!!
Be on the lookout for these yummy creatures, you won't be disappointed!


Becky said...

mmm..these do look good! I have never seen them, but I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for them!

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