Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day errr...Week!

Valentine's Weekend started off with our lovely snow day on Friday then Saturday, Tom and I ventured out to celebrate, a day early! We made a couple of stops with the first being at this place

Then we moved to Target followed by my favorite dinner spot, Angelo's Spaghetti House. It's the place we went to on our first date and we had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding there! It's a very special spot for us.

Angelo's has the BEST fettucini alfredo and pasta primavera in town!!!

Sunday was a special day as well. I went to a birthday party for this little cutie pie!

Kyle had a very fun party complete with my favorite...Pizza Hut supreme pan pizza! Yummy!!! My tummy thanks you however my thighs do not! ha!
School was out on Monday except for teachers :( We had to go to staff development which wasn't too bad actually. I learned quite a bit about some things that I am really interested in, sensory perception disorder.
Tuesday, everyone was back to school and we enjoyed our belated Valentine's Day Party. I got some awesome teacher valentines from some of my students. Lots and lots of chocolate, some super cute flip flops and a beautiful hydrangea. I can't wait to plant in my yard this spring. Speaking of spring...3 weeks until spring break!!!!


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