Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amanda Jacobs Ledford! Do NOT Peek!!!

Alright. I know many of you read my friend Amanda's blog. Well, I have known Amanda for over 12 years! We met as sorority sisters in college and have been friends ever since! Anyway, she is preparing to bring baby Nicholas in this world pretty soon and she posted her bedding pictures a week or so ago and it got me thinking right away that I needed to break out the sewing machine and get started on a few gifts for Nicholas. is the first shipment

Yes, I made all of these custom burp clothes in one night. I still have a couple more things to make before I send this shipment off to Amanda but I think she will like it! What do you think?


Katie's Journey said...

Those are super cute! Have you thought about an ETSY shop before or at least selling them on the side? I know I would gladly buy!

AJacobs418 said...

Chea, I am Amanda Ledford's mom. Your blog title got my attention and I had to look. I have read your blog on occasion thru Amanda's. I have to say, I simply love the burp cloths! She will be thrilled!! They are adorable. Thank you so much for thinking of her.

Amy Jacobs

Anonymous said...

Would you be able to post basic instructions, materials needed etc. for making these cute burp clothes?! They are darling! Thanks!


Sarah said...

Aaaww... you did an awesome job! Those are so stinkin' cute!!! Love them!

Nicole said...

Too cute, I love them!!

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