Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Howl-o-ween!

We had to dress our "kids" up tonight for Halloween. Ham was a cowboy and Maggie was a prisoner. I really wanted this outfit for her a few years ago when she spent most of her time in a crate but I never could find one to fit our XXL girl! Now that she is mostly behaving herself it seems a bit inappropriate but what the heck, it's cute! I love the prisoner ID too! Too cute and too perfect!!!

We had tons of trick or treaters this year! I didn't have my camera out though. We ended up taking our chairs outside and joining our neighbors for some socializing time especially since we had perfect weather. We ended up with about 20 pieces of candy left and it worked out well since my OCD self sorted the candy by type and gave away our least favorites first. Luckily, we are left with our favorites- however, I could eat any of it!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and fun watching some football. We are a happy house tonight since both of my orange teams won tonight- big too may I add!


The Neffs said...

Your pets are to cute!! Looks like fun! Hope you had a happy halloween.

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