Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saying Goodbye to the 20's but Hello to Fall!

It's officially my last day in my 20's. I've been on an emotional roller coaster lately. I've laughed and cried and have come to terms with the fact that the carefree days of the 20's are coming to a hault. I somehow feel that I will be an official adult tomorrow, even though I have had a career, a husband, a home and a car now for about 8 years (well, not the husband but you get the jist). I really wanted to be a mom by 30 but that isn't looking too good right now. I guess I'll have to settle with just being a mom to Maggie right now. Tom and I FINALLY got our Fall decorations up Sunday. I know this will be hard to believe but my husband skipped the Cowboys game to hang out with me, at the pumpkin patch no less! I know what you are thinking ladies, but trust me one day your husband will give in to the demands of the interior decorator in all of us! Ha!!

We even stopped at Starbucks to complete our day of fall fun!


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