Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet Surprise

So, every once in a while I mention to my 5 year old friends some of the things I like to do, play with Maggie, shop, scrapbook, cook, eat! Well, I have a few kids that have May birthdays and they were discussing their birthdays on Friday in class and what kinds of treats they were planning to have. Well, one student told me that it was her Dad's birthday on Sunday and her mom was making a cheesecake. I, of course, had to let the child know that I too love cheesecake. Well, this morning the cute little princess brought me a big ol' slab of cheesecake! I would have posted a picture of the magnificant being that is cheesecake but I forgot my camera at home today. Yes, it's a sad, sad day! However, the picture taking probably wouldn't have happened as I devoured the cake as soon as the kids were out of sight! Oh calories!!! I guess I'll be running and extra half an hour tonight!

Happy Monday!


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