Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Best Teecher Apresheashun Ever!!!

Today we had our monthly teacher appreciation lunch and it was the Kindergarten parent's turn to host. We had some awesome foods this month as we usually do! I had an incredible cheese tortellini salad (as soon as I get that recipe, I'll share) and some yummy desserts but nothing was as incredible as PW's chocolate sheet cake! And to beat it all, one of my BFF's made my day by writing this little message on the front of the cake...

She and I have the same sense of humor when it comes to things like this...think cake wrecks! I laughed all day long and caught others laughing too!!!

A note about the monthly luncheons: if you have kids in school, consider doing this at your child's school, the teachers will love you for it! Basically, we have a couple of mom's who run the show all year. Once a month it's a different grade level's turn to host. The parents from that grade level are asked to contact the coordinator if they want to donate a dish for the luncheon and each month is a different theme. We've had soup and salad month, mexican, italian, baked potato bar, tailgate foods, etc.. The luncheons begin with the oldest grades first and work their way down to Kindergarten in the spring. It's an awesome day that I try not to miss!!!

Hope you laughed at our Cake Wreck!!! Happy Wednesday friends!


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