Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Turtleneck Queen

I am the turtleneck queen! I have bestowed this honor upon myself and I'm proud of it! Not many people can sport the turtleneck with such confidence but friends, I certainly can. My turtleneck wearing days started during my student teaching days in 2001. My fellow student teacher- Heather- commented one day about the enormous amounts of turtlenecks that I had in my wardrobe (I still think about you every time I wear one too). Yes, I do own at least one (sometimes more than that if it's a popular color) in every solid color and probably at least 20 printed ones. Now, they aren't teacher sweaters, they are striped or argyle. I also own short sleeved turtlenecks, sleveless turtlenecks, 3/4 length sleeved turtlenecks and the ever so popular long sleeved! I couldn't exactly tell you how many I own just know that for the past 2 weeks, I have worn a DIFFERENT one each day! Tom and I went into Gap this past weekend to work on our Christmas shopping lists and my heart became instantly happy upon stumbling into the turtleneck display. They even had them buy one get one free! I told Tom I could really use another turtleneck and he had the nerve to ask, "What color do you want?" I immediately looked at him and said, "Why all of them of course!" He rolled his eyes and mumbled something to the effect of, "you probably already own them all." Anyway, I am anxiously awaiting another turtleneck sale! I am planning to take pictures of myself in my turtlenecks so you can see! I have already planned tomorrow's outfit, bet you had no idea it was going to include a turtleneck!!!


Katie's Journey said...

I wish I had good luck with turtlenecks... unfortunately, I don't! Hope it keeps you nice and warm tomorrow!

Becky said...

I love turtlenecks too, but don't get to wear them much. And for me I think it makes my face look rounder, so more power to ya if you can pull off the turtleneck :)

Amanda Ledford said...

Me too!!!! I LOVE turtlenecks! They are warm and cozy, what more could you ask for?!

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