Monday, December 7, 2009

Nine More Days!!!

So I left school a bit earlier than usual because I had to get to the grocery store! I bought stuff to make Paula Deen's taco chili (I saw it on Paula's Home Cooking yesterday as I was being a slacker and hanging out in my pj's all day). The chili is on the stove now actually and it smells kind of good despite all the modifications I made! Guess it isn't Paula's taco chili anymore! Ha! After my run to the grocery store, I stopped at Sephora and ran into some crazy sales lady- she is actually a high school student who came and read to my class one day last year- I don't know how she remembered me but anyway, she started asking me about how long it takes to get through school to become a teacher and how I knew I wanted to teach anyway. I didn't know just running in to pick up a little makeup was going to turn into a job interview! I got home and started the chili and decided to catch up on the blog and ran across Becky's blog. She is hosting a giveaway and has a hilarious story about her Sephora trip! You must read about the crazy Sephora ladies!

I am also getting ready to make some yummy cookies! They are peanut butter with a snickers baked right inside! I have to make lots because I'm scheduled to attend a cookie exchange party so I wanted to test them out before I exchange them with anyone. I'm also experimenting because I plan to do a little baking this weekend for Christmas gifts for my room mothers. If you have any great cookie recipes, feel free to pass them along to me!


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