Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

Oh how I love my tree this year! I took some advice from friends to redecorate my tree this year and I love how it turned out. I did plan to put up my second tree in our dining room but as of yet, I haven't done so. I am going to try to hit Hobby Lobby after Christmas and get a nine foot slim tree for the dining room for next year and I am going to get a small pink tree for my future daughters room- more about that later! I have to share Tom's theory with ya'll, you will be laughing so hard!

Okay so back to the tree!

I used brown and gold on my tree with ribbon that is weaved with gold metallic thread so it has just a hint of brown and a hint of gold depending on the light and the way you look at it. I also used a bunch of stick things and poinsettias for the topper. Those are also brown and gold! I love my decorations!

The main reason I put up two trees is so I can display my sentimental ornaments from my childhood, vacations, special people in my life and teacher ornaments on one and have my other tree as my decor tree that matches everything in my house. I will eventually get around to putting that second tree up!

I searched high and low and in every catalog I could find for a tree skirt that matched my specifications! I ended up having to spend last weekend making one. Tom went to Hobby Lobby with me to get material and find everything I needed. So Saturday morning I pulled out the machine and measured and cut and measured and cut some more then sewed the thing together- totally backwards!!! I was pretty upset and thought about it all night. I ended up working on it on Sunday afternoon and finished it and I was so happy how it turned out! It is just what I wanted! But trust me friends, you don't want to do this- just buy one!!! However, I will be making two more, one for my classroom for my kids to put their handprints on as a keepsake for me and another for my pink tree!

Now, the pink tree! Tom's theory is that older couples have girls first! Just look at the celebrities. I think he just knows that I would love to have a baby girl one day! I love that man! I hope his theory is right or I'm going to have my own personal pink tree!

Merry Christmas friends! I love ya'll!


noahandlylasmommi said...

LOVE your tree skirt! That is too cute

Katie said...

Love your tree! Merry Christmas!

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