Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving- it's a long list friends!

I am truly thankful this year. I have a wonderful husband who helps me out quite often and actually more than I know, I have a terrific mom who would drop everything at a moment's notice to help me out, a great step-dad who also shares his knowledge with me on everything from a good book to read to how to cook a turkey (yes, he helped me make one- except for the fact that my little heart couldn't take the thought about what the turkey went through and I cried)!!! I also have great in laws who will share ideas with me along with the best places to eat out! Ha!!! I also am greatful for my wonderful friends- quality not quantity is how I count my friendships. I am also blessed with a great group of Kindergarten kids and their parents this year yet again! I checked my work email this morning and received a message from a parent telling me that I would be included on her list of things she was thankful for this year. That is what makes me smile and keeps me going each day!

We cooked a huge Thanksgiving lunch yesterday. There was so much food left over and I actually ate pie for breakfast this morning, yummy chocolate pecan!!! I decided to head out to shop this morning early. I was unfortunately so overwhelmed from the crazy crowded parking lot that I skipped out on many places I had intended to go- sad, I skipped Target! I did head to Home Depot and I picked out the most perfect decoration that screams my name every time you look at it. I'm not telling you what it is- I want to get my decorations up and then you can decide what you think!

My plan for today is- take a nap, get up and run to Hobby Lobby for more thread to finish my awesome tree skirt, decorate the house and put up the trees and then hit the movies tonight to see The Blind Side. I have heard great things about that movie so I'm anxious to see if my review will match up with the critics thoughts.

Oh and by the way, Maggie is doing much better after her surgery on Wednesday. She had her annual dental exam and a tumor removed from her eye. She was in pain on Wednesday and actually cried almost all night. She has had her pain medicine today though and is resting on her chair. We have to keep a close watch on her though because she wants to rub her eye and I'm afraid she is going to pull her stitches out. I know most people think I'm crazy but I totally LOVE my dog!


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