Thursday, November 5, 2009

Maggie Strikes Again

Just when you think that you are out of the hole...something comes along and puts you right back in. So, Maggie has been free from the crate now for about 56 days (how long we have been back to school) and luckily she hasn't destroyed anything that couldn't be replaced easily- think toys here. However, yesterday afternoon my parents came over to fix a leaky toilet for us and they got there before we got home and apparently as they were outside unloading their car, Maggie fixated on the window sill in the office. I didn't notice it until I was showing something to my mom in the office and noticed paint chips on the floor. I peeled back the curtains and there it was, a chunk off the corner missing and many chew marks left behind. I hid the damage from Tom and plan to make my way to Home Depot after work to get something to fix it. I'm thinking some wood filler and sandpaper are going to be on the list first. I'm going to try to fix it with that and although it may take a few days to repair the corner since I will have to apply a coat of filler and let it dry before adding more, it will be way more worth it than telling my husband!!! Wish me luck on my new woodworking experiment!!! Oh, if you have any suggestions on how to fix it without replacing the entire sill- let me know!!!


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