Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Prayer Pal

I received the best email recently and I wanted to share with everyone. It was actually from a parent at my school and although I haven't ever taught her children in my classroom, she is aware of my struggles and hopes. She sent me an email and asked if she could share my story with her prayer group who are actually all moms at my school. I told her most definitely (I mean, who doesn't want a little prayer headed their way, right?) I thought it was so sweet and kind of her to think of me. I continue to also add each of you in my prayers as well. My friends who are moms, I pray for your children to grow each day and to know and love the Lord. I pray for the children in my class to see me as not only the person who teaches them how to read but as someone who has the love of the Lord shining through me each day. I will continue to take care of the children who I am blessed to have enter my room each day and those children who I have had in the past. All of them hold a special spot in my heart and my prayer list.


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