Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Review

I usually work late on Fridays because I can manage to get quite a bit done since there isn't anyone for me to get distracted by so this past Friday afternoon, I left work at 6pm and went to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things. Tom called and told me to pick up dinner so I decided to make it a Subway night. Once I got home, I ate and then settled down to catch up on my DVR that is overflowing with shows. It was nice to know that all of my school chores were done and I could focus on relaxing for one night.
Saturday, we decided to spend the morning at home since it was pouring down rain. I had planned to take my car in to the shop and then hit the State Fair but with the weather, I got to get lots of rest in. The rain was gone around lunch time and Tom and I made plans to got to the movies after we watched some football! Notice who I was cheering for! I had on my Tennessee shirt earlier and it brought them some luck so I was hoping! Anyway, we decided to get a quick dinner at Chick-fil-A and then eat popcorn later. So, we headed on over to my favorite place and guess what?

We were the 100th customer! Free dinner night! (pardon my tired look- this picture was taken after midnight Saturday night and I'm used to being in bed early)
We headed on to the movie and we saw The Town with Ben Affleck. I have to admit that I griped beforehand about going to see it but I take all that back. This was an awesome movie. I would definitely pay full price to go see it again! We then headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things however, when I take Tom with me, it always takes me twice as long at the store and this time was no exception! Hence why our picture above was taken after midnight.
Sunday was a lazy day for me. I did laundry, took naps and did a little baking. I made some delicious desserts. One for Tom to take to work and some sugar cookies for us at home. I'm ready for more lazy fall weekends!


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