Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday Eve

So it's Friday eve. It's been a nice week since we have been celebrating college week at school and have gotten to wear jeans every day! I was thinking today that I never posted anything about my fun Saturday so here it goes!
My brother's girlfriend Laura was in town for a work conference so we got together on Saturday to do a little shopping. We started out around 9:00 Saturday morning and got back around 10 that night! We went everywhere we could think of and of course mom and I had to show her all the stores that Chattanooga is lacking in! We introduced her to Francesca's where she picked up so many cute things! (One of them is my Christmas gift that I can't wait to get!) We also did a little fun Halloween shopping! Laura tried out a wig...

A real picture of Laura. She really doesn't have a mullet!

Then we talked mom into trying her very first St@rbucks! She sadly wasn't a fan.

I got a few cute things from Francesca's and lots of jewelry (I needed it!) and several good ideas for Christmas gifts. I was sad that Laura had to go back to Chattanooga. I really wish she lived closer but then again, I'd probably never see my paycheck!


Katie K. said...

I have heard so many people talk about Franseca's, what is it similar too? I have never seen one in Texas.

On a side note, I was going to see if you still had that packet of stuff you had collected for me from summer school and such. hope your kiddos are being wonderful for you this year!

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