Monday, August 9, 2010

Seattle, Vacation Day 1

We started our journey to Alaska on Friday, July 30 with our first stop in Seattle. I was totally in love with Seattle! We had awesome weather and I had on jeans and a short sleeve shirt when I got there and ended up with a jacket by the early evening! I couldn't say that if I had been in Dallas where temperatures held steady in the 100's the entire week we were gone! We got to visit some really cool shops and finally made it to Pike's Place Market.

We had lunch at Lowell's Seafood right in the middle of the market and across the street from where the Real World Seattle house was! I thought it was super cool!
Then we made our way to the original Starbuck's!

We then headed off to the Underground Seattle tour which was pretty neat. I learned alot about Seattle's history that I didn't know previously so it was a good educational experience. Finally, we headed back to the hotel to shower up and make our way to dinner and do some more exploring, err, shopping! I got to visit H&M for the very first time! Pure heaven that place! We finally called it a night since the next morning, we would be boarding our boat for beautiful Alaska!


Erica said...

Looks fun, and the seafood place sounds yummy! H&M is amazing too...wish we had one closer!

Todd and Courtney said...

ooooo I can't wait to see the rest. I LOVE Seattle too. Could totally live there, along with Alaska :)

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