Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's Tax Free!

I spent the entire Saturday (9:00AM to 5:30PM) at school getting ready to meet my students Monday morning! I THINK I have everything done that I can do at this point. Tom called me and wanted to see if I wanted to go on the great shoe hunt that evening and I said yes of course, who wouldn't want to go shopping when their husband is actually asking them to go? So I got home and showered quickly and we were off to Northpark. The mall stayed open until 10 so I got to do lots more than I originally thought. I ended up with a couple of pairs of shoes that will do, they aren't what I was wanting but I think they will be okay.

We then headed on our way out which happened to take up right through Macy's. I wanted to stop and look for a necklace that I had seen earlier in the summer so I also breezed through the clothing section INC. Tom spotted a shirt that he said would look good on me and then I saw a few more things and before we knew it, I was in a fitting room with a huge pile of stuff!

I also got a couple things when Lisa and I went out shopping last week at Anthropologie.

This top is so cute on and has the most delicate details.

These pants are a linen blend and yes, wrinkle a lot but are so comfortable I ordered another pair!

It wouldn't be back to school without my back to school gift that Tom has gotten me every year since we have been together. This year is no different as I got a new scarf for my purse! I love it!


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