Monday, November 28, 2011

It's What You Have To Do Sometimes

I have always enjoyed the Real Housewives shows. I like them all..Orange County, New York, Beverly Hills, New Jersey so basically if it says housewives in the title, I probably have it on my DVR. Well, I watched RHofNY and Bethany kind of stuck with me so I watched Bethany Ever After too. I decided to go out in search of her Skinny Girl margarita and found it and liked it. Then I heard that there were two more in the Skinny Girl line that I needed to try. Before the Amica Gala, we all met the night before to decorate and set up the ballroom and we each brought snacks and wine to share. I brought the white cranberry cosmo and sangria. They are equally as yummy as the margarita and maybe even a tad better. I think I've found some new favorite beverages!


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