Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's Been Going On

I have been in total redecorate mode around my house lately. It started with the spare bedroom and now it's turned to, well every single room in the house. I'm a redecorating machine! Actually I'm not sure you can call it redecorating when it never has been decorated in the first place.
We moved in our house 4 years ago, on our 1 year anniversary to be exact. I had furniture, he had furniture and then we bought furniture. Our house, like many newlyweds was a hodge podge of design and taste. Well, last summer we totally revitalized our family room. New furniture, new rug and new tv. It's one of my favorite rooms in the house!

This summer started with recovering the chairs in our breakfast room. This was easier than I thought and Tom helped me out!

Yesterday I started working on the office. It's in the front of our house and although you don't immediately see it when you walk in, it comes a close second. I've always wanted to make it look professional yet functional. We don't really utilize that office but I would like to. Here are a few clips of things that have been added to the office. It's not 100 percent complete so I'll wait and give you the full tour then.

And finally, the things that have kept me the most busy this summer...
Hairbow making

Outfit making

And fabric shopping

Now I'm off to pickup some things for more redesigning! Happy Tuesday!


Sarah said...

You are so talented!! ANd can I just say those hair bows are adorable??

Ashlee & Gordon said...

I love that piece that your TV is in!! How funny is that...we have the same pillows on our couches!! I guess "Ward's" have the same taste...hehe. You are super talented!!

Katie's Journey said...

Is there an ETSY shop in your future?

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