Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Frosting, Fixing and Fun

I can't believe I didn't blog about this but I woke up in a panic last night and remembered that I tweeted about it but never blogged so lets back up a few weeks right now.
I'll take you back to Friday, June 18 for a minute. I woke up early that day with lots of emotion and lots of things on my mind. One was this sweet girl...

Maggie was having surgery to repair the torn ACL in her back leg. We noticed her beginning to limp a while back and took her to the vet so many times about it. I was constantly looking up signs of hip dysplacia and we started her on this fish cartilage vitamin that was extremely expensive. However, none of that was working and ultimately, we decided the only way to have our old dog back was to bite the bullet and have the surgery.
This is Maggie on Thursday at my mom's house. My nephew loves to play with her. He will love on her and she will love him back! I am so glad she is so good with children.

I took her in for surgery at 7:00 on Friday morning and got the call around noonish that she was out of surgery and feeling sleepy. I was very glad that Halee was with me or I would have been a mess!
While Maggie was recovering, Halee and I went to Highland Park to do a little shopping. We visited a cute fabric store (City Craft) and stopped for cupcakes at Sprinkles! I had a key lime cupcake and she had chocolate. I know I have pictures somewhere of those cupcakes, when I find them, I will post them!
We then went and picked up Maggie around 5:00. She was bandaged up and feeling so bad. She had lots of pain meds and things to help her stay as comfortable as possible.

Friday night was horrible. She couldn't get comfortable at all. I ended up sleeping maybe 30 minutes total and that was on the floor next to Maggie. I spent the night petting her, talking to her and being extremely careful that she not walk or pull her bandages.
Sunday we had Father's Day lunch at our house and after everyone left, I took a quick shower. Well, it didn't take long for Maggie to come limping in the bathroom with her bandages hanging off her leg and the incision bleeding. She had pulled no less than 8 staples out! We called our old vet (he took a better job not in the clinic anymore or we would still be with him) and he explained that it was due in part to the bandage being too tightly wrapped. We took her back in the next day and they cleaned up the wound and gave her the newest accessory for the summer.

It's been a few weeks now and her leg is healing up nicely. She is still wearing the cone because she likes to lick the incision site and it needs to heal a bit more. All in all, it was a successful, interesting day.


Lianna Knight said...

Poor baby!!! Take good care of her :)

Ashlee & Gordon said...

Poor thing!! She is so lucky to have you taking such great care of her!!

Jenna said...

Oh poor baby! She looks so pitiful. I hope she is feeling better now!

Todd and Courtney said...

Your poor doggie! I hope she is doing so much better now. We have a dog and cat too. They are like family so it's so hard to see them like that!

CityCraft said...

Thanks for stopping by CityCraft! So glad that your adorable pup is healing up well. She looks a lot like my pup!

Callie of CityCraft

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