Saturday, July 24, 2010

How Do You Fire Someone?

I had a hair appointment last week that ended up being a wreck! I went in for color and came out with a streak of red running down the center of my head along with a huge chunk of my hair being cut when I was only getting a trim. I've been going to the same stylist for at least 5 years. She and my husband went to high school together and her parents live down the street from my in laws. Recently, she was diagnosed with cancer and is currently taking chemo treatments. I am not sure if I just caught her on an off day or what but my hair was in no shape for me to meet my new principal the next morning! I called my friend who called her girl and she said she could fit me in but it wouldn't be until after my meet and greet with my new principal. Oh well, I threw my hair in a ponytail and sported my classic sunglasses on top of the head look. When I got to Kelsie's shop, she said, it didn't look too bad then I pulled off the glasses and the took the ponytail down. It was then "that bad". I got the look of "what did she do to your hair" from Kelsie. Then magic was created. Kelsie listened to what I wanted my hair to look like and added in her advice. My hair is now great, wonderful and according to my mom, the best my hair has ever looked! So here is my question, how do I break up with my former hair stylist when my husband is still going to her? HELP!!!


Todd and Courtney said...

Just do it :) I've been in a similar situation. Luckily, I think people get the hint when you don't go back so they don't ask. I had a horrible hair cut right after our wedding, before going on our honeymoon. It was 2 inches off on each side, terrible. I never went back. Your hubby could always say that someone gave you a gift card to the different place so you tried it out. I've used that line before, ha!

Beth said...

Just don't call her back. It happens all the time. That is such a bad experience, sorry. At least you found someone else pretty quickly!

Lindsey Kindy said...

Okay,, Im a "retired hair stylist" turned stay at home mom, and let me tell you sister, Don't feel obligated to keep going to her. If you want to give her one more shot, do so, but if you aren't happy after the next time, then maybe yall have developed a "rut" and its time to go to the other girl that made you happy when you were in a bind. Don't feel bad, these things happen!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! Your blog is so cute! and I love that ruffley brown cardigan you bought!

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