Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pedis, Primping and Preparing

Jane and I are preparing to leave on Friday on our vacation to Alaska. We decided to go get pedicures although I'm not sure why because we are not going to be in our sandals much I'm sure.

Then we had lunch and went our separate ways. I made a stop at U!ta to pick up a few things I needed for our trip! Doesn't everyone need nail polish and liters of shampoo and conditioner for a 10 day vacation? Just kidding. But I am going to put the shampoo and conditioner in a smaller bottle to take with me.

I stopped off at a sporting goods place and found a cute lightweight rain jacket to take along as well. I was told that you need a rain jacket in Alaska because they get light showers every day. I love this hot pink one I found!

We are leaving Friday morning. I guess my next goal is to do a little laundry and pack some more necessary things! If you have been to Alaska, what types of things do you think I will really need and what can I leave home?


Todd and Courtney said...

Im so excited for you. It's the best trip I've ever been on. In fact, we're going again next year. Smart move on the rain jacket. Watch it be sunny everyday you're there :) It sprinkled at least 5/10 days we were there and in Seattle. LOVE the pink.

Kimberley said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! made my day! :)

oh how i would love to go to alaska!! hopefully someday! my friend went on an alaskan cruise and loved it!

and how i wish i could sew! you are very talented! i can barely thread a needle! the little witches shirt is darling!!

have fun on your trip, i'll check back for pictures!

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