Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Nice Sunday Afternoon Nap

Sundays...I do love my Sunday. I remember growing up and heading to church with my Mom on Sunday morning and then coming home for some yummy lunch and playing outside with my friends before dinner. I also remember my Mom insisting that Sunday was a day of rest, that has gone by the wayside now that I am an adult unfortunately, except for this Sunday. I have spent the day at home which has been super nice. Now although I did do some laundry and light housekeeping, I have pretty much rested today. I took an afternoon nap and am now working on dinner. We are having Outback Aussie chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and rosemary seasoned vegetables. If everything turns out well, I'll post the recipe.

I need to figure out what type of weather we are planning to have this week in the Big D. Last week it was a bit chilly and I got to break out the turtlenecks and pants but Saturday we were back in the 90's. I'm so ready for fall. I took out my pumpkin, apple cider and frappucino candles Saturday and put my decorations out. I haven't gotten them all out yet but I'm working on it. I have to make a stop tomorrow and pick up a hay bale for the front and then we will be ready. I love the fall season but it definitely makes me miss home and the beautiful colors and temperatures! I guess I'll just have to pretend with my fake leaves on my fall wreath! Ha!

I think I'm going to make lunches for tomorrow and lay out some possible clothing opportunities now while dinner is cooking so I can be ready for the season premiere of Desperate Housewives! Yipee!

How do you enjoy your Sunday?


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