Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Week With 22

So we started school on Monday with kids that is and this weekend, I have finished quite a bit on my to do list but there is still so much more left to do.

I'll start with Monday, August 24. My 22 friends came in to Kindergarten and I only had 1 friend who was unhappy being there, the rest were really excited. It was a really busy day having 22, 5 year olds but we managed to get through it all and finish the week. I have some super sweet kids this year and I'm really looking forward to teaching them how to read and write and love to learn.

To celebrate the end of a successful week, Tom went out to happy hour (happy night) on Friday with his co workers and I made dinner for a sweet family (The McGowans) whose daughter was in my Kindergarten class 3 years ago and battled Leukemia and won her battle but sadly, their son passed away just a couple of weeks ago from head trauma. They are in my prayers daily and I would love for you to pray for this family as well. After I delivered their dinner, I came home and played with Maggie, tackled laundry, scrubbed the baseboards, mopped the floors, dusted and cleaned the bathrooms. Wow, my house hasn't seen that kind of cleaning in a while but with school back in session, I have spent more time in room 206 than in my home so I wanted to show her a little love! It actually felt good to clean house! I plan to do a bit more today just so I can come home to a super clean home tomorrow!

We headed out to dinner last night at Chilis (thanks Epstein family for the gift card) Yummy, it hit the spot! However, I became sidetracked during dinner watching this family (mom, dad, 2 girls approximately 11 and 7 y.o). The mother sent her dinner back and by the time they brought it back out to her, the rest of the family had finished their dinners. Anyway, the whole time the family enjoyed dinner and while mom was waiting for hers to reappear, the mother FED the 7 year old. I mean, spooned it up and made airplane noises to have her daughter eat. She even held the glass for the child to drink. Now I know what you are thinking, "the daughter could have been impaired" NO, she was playing her Nintendo DS the entire time mom was scooping the food up for her. Yikes, please don't tell me that you allow your child to play video games at the table or that you feed your 7 year old! I was absolutely mortified for this woman, and the child. How on earth does this lady expect her child to be a fully functionable human being when her mother is still spoon feeding her? Okay, that's my beef for the day. But what are your thoughts?

I am getting ready to prepare tonight's crockpot dinner- slow cooker lasagna, if it's any good, I'll let you know with the recipe post. I'm also going to make salsa for us to snack on and to take to work tomorrow to share with my team! I think I might also make some parmesan garlic monkey bread for tonight- I'm ready for dinner already!

Who knows when I'll post again, I'm trying to get back into a school year routine but it's hard to go to bed and wake up early then work all day and not want to come home and crash! Hope everyone has a great, relaxing Sunday and a wonderful week!


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