Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Unleashed And On The Go!!!

On the way to Tom's parents and driving to Dallas each day, Tom has often commented on a place called Unleashed. He has mentioned it a few times and even cut out newspaper articles about the place for me to read. Well, I finally decided that I should check this place out. So, on Sunday, we got up and ready and put Maggie in the car and took the drive to Unleashed. As soon as we got there, I got excited by the way Maggie was acting (she jumped out of the car, which is extremely rare). It's just like she knew she was getting to do something really special. Well, as soon as we got out of the car the sniffing and smelling game was on! Maggie toured the yard and then she was ready to go inside when she spotted a couple friends going in. She almost pulled us down trying to get in the door. We checked in with her records and such and we were off. There are 2 different off leash parks, the powder puffs and the bodyslammers. Well, Maggie is a bit of a body slammer so we chose that park, plus, there were lots more friends to play with! As soon as we walked through the gate, many friends came over to greet Maggie. I could tell she was super happy! She played for almost 2 hours but never left her Mom's side! She would run and play and come back to make sure I was still there. Even when she would run with her Dad, she would still come back to me. It was almost like she was telling me all about what she was doing. Maggie made lots of friends at the park! I think it's funny how all of her pals were boys but either way, I'm just glad she had a great time.


Christa said...

I have never heard of a indoor dog park before! That's pretty cool!

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