Sunday, October 16, 2011

5 Senses- Teacher's Post

So, this post is for my teacher friends. Recently, our Kindergartners participated in a culminating activity for 5 senses. This day is filled with various stations that the children can participate in. We block off the library and the hallway and recruit parent volunteers to run the stations. This day is the brain child of our team leader.
I can't remember all of the stations but a few were:
tongue tasting- students tasted salty, sweet, bitter and sour items
salt/sugar tasting
playdough- we used koolaid scented playdough
extract smells- we used different extracts and the students had to identify them
texture collage- various items pasted on a sheet of construction paper
sidewalk paint- made from cornstarch
colorblindness testing- done on the computer
walk the line- use binoculars to walk a tape line
koolaid painting- koolaid and elmers glue
glurch- elmers glue and liquid starch
sound shakers- film canisters filled with different items and students have to match the sounds
listening bingo
make a kazoo using toilet paper tubes
tasting white foods
smelling vegetables
smelling fruits
hide and seek with items on a tray
sight shoe boxes
tin can telephones
mystery bags

If you want details on these activities, feel free to email me.


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