Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday- School!

This week's top ten is all about School! I started back last Friday, yes teachers went back on a Friday...I only follow the rules, I don't make them, well not that one. So here are my top ten favorite things about school!

1. New supplies! I love the smell of crayons!
2. My class list- I love seeing the names of my new friends!
3. School lunch. While I may steer clear of the mystery meat, I love the squash casserole and mac and cheese!
4. Being on a schedule- I crave schedules and timelines!
5. New clothes- there is just something about school clothes that makes me smile!
6. Fun spirit nights- hello Chick-fil-A spirit night!
7. Friday after school meetings- Happy Hour with the girls!
8. Reading, Writing, Math- I love seeing my friends learn and knowing I taught them, makes it that much more special!
9. Lesson planning- believe it or not, I love to write lesson plans and create new ideas on how to teach something pretty boring!
10. Fall! When school starts, I know fall is just around the corner!


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