Thursday, April 28, 2011


In Texas, it's state mandated standardized testing time for third graders and up. TAKS is Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills. Which means, my 5 and 6 year old friends are cooped up in the classroom for the testing days and have to be super quiet since our class is next door to test takers! We've been in our room with no breaks except for lunch since Tuesday. I'm about to go crazy!!! Good thing teacher appreciation week is next week! Which reminds me, if you have a child who is school age, remember to thank their teacher next week. The treats and surprises are nice but my most treasured gifts are the notes and cards that I receive from parents and students alike about what a difference I have made in their child's life. I have my notes on a blessing ring and I do read them every so often when I need a good pick me up. So, make sure to thank a teacher next week! In fact, I have written letters to some of my former teachers and plan to mail them out so that they know I really appreciate them even now!


Katie K. said...

We tested Tuesday and Wednesday but 8th grade was today and tomorrow. So ready for it all to be done with!!!

Yeah for Teacher Appreciation week! Our principal keeps telling us she has something amazing planned for us!

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