Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Day at the Dermatologist

Well, I've had an appointment with the dermatologist since oh August. I originally scheduled my appointment for October then changed it to Christmas break then Spring Break, well, I finally made it to the office and had a unique experience. First let me state, I'm such a needle phobic and can barely stand to look at a needle. So, when I walk in to the office and there laying on the little tray is a needle, I freaked out a bit. I told the nurse that I don't do needles and she let me know that every room has the equipment ready. That was supposed to ease my fears I guess but it didn't. The doctor, who was extremely nice, came in and I showed her my problem areas and she put my fears to rest and said they were all normal things but she would remove them. Eek!!! With a needle? I asked. Yes, she said it would be quick and it was. I didn't even feel it and she stuck me twice! It was afterwards that got me. I was sitting on the table talking to her and out I went. I passed out not once, not twice but three times. When I finally woke up, there were several nurses around me and a cold cloth on my neck. I was mortified! However, now I know what to expect next time I go and I think they do too!


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