Thursday, June 10, 2010


This week has been full of good treats. My BFF and I had a pact that this summer we would experiment with baking some new things and experimenting with the old. First up, Christmas bark. This is a toffee like confection that she made for me for Christmas and ended up passing along the recipe. Well, as much as I've tried, my bark is awful so we had a little tutoring session Tuesday and I think I may have learned the trick. Yesterday, Tom and I went into Dallas so I could get a haircut and before I left, I took out a block of cream cheese. I knew I wanted to make something with it but just not sure what. Well, when we got home (6:00) I made Pioneer Woman's meatballs, creamy mashed potatoes, sugar snap peas and while dinner was cooking, I whipped up a little family favorite- cream cheese pound cake! I took half to Lisa's but since it was late and she has a little baby, she was already sleeping. I had half the cake on a pretty plate but it was too big to stick in the mailbox and I was afraid to leave it on the front porch because of the wild animals, I unwrapped it and rewrapped it and stuck it in the mailbox. I just got a text saying she was up and I told her to check her mailbox. I can't wait to hear what she thinks! So fun to do nice things for others!


Sarah said...

Sounds so yummy!!

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