Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tough Decisions

I guess I should post since it's been a while but I've just had so much going on I haven't had time to do any blog reading much less posting. Well, we went in to the vet yesterday for a follow up to Maggie's xrays and her 2 week stint on an anti-inflamatory drug to see how her knee was doing. What we ended up hearing was not what I had expected or built myself up to hear. Her knee is not healing, it will not heal and she needs surgery. I'll admit I cried. I didn't want to do this but we are having the traditional surgery to repair a ruptured ligament in her right knee next Friday. This is not what I expected to do with my summer school paycheck but I guess we have no choice at this point if we ever want her to run and play again, this is what we must do. I've done a little research on it this morning and I've found good things so I'm confident that we are making the right choice. Please pray that things go well. I know that she is a dog, but she is my baby and I would do anything to make her well and happy again.


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