Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bittersweet Ending

It's that time again, time to say goodbye to yet another summer and start a new school year. This summer is especially hard to say goodbye to. I think I've had more fun this summer than any other in my grown up, out of college days. We didn't take a vacation this year because we simply couldn't decide where to go. I did go on a little trip with some girls from work but otherwise, I was home every day. In June, I made a little to do list and some of those things got crossed off and well others, are still waiting their turn. I did manage to make a little extra money tutoring this summer and babysitting too. I also went to Zumba every single week, faithfully. I hung out with my bestie and had THE. MOST. FUN. EVER. We could just drive down the street and find something to laugh at. I'm going to miss the carefree days of summer. Staying up late, sleeping in, lunch dates in the real world, 1:00 naps, shopping trips every day and making appointments whenever they have an opening! Some of those things sound really grown up, guess that's part of it though. Tomorrow, I go back to work. Back to 5:30 wake up calls and 15 minute lunch breaks, back to the day in and day out, back to testing data and parent teacher conferences and even though I'm teaching something totally new this year, a bit of me is excited for the unknown and a bit (a large bit) is scared. I'm with a whole new group of people to work with, a new classroom, new curriculum and much, much bigger kids. I'm going to give it a shot though and try it out (besides, what other choice do I have) and I'm going to have a good outlook on things. With all of that, I will have some awfully good memories to laugh about and help get me through to the next summer which if it's anything like this one, will be a blast!


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