Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Social Media

While I love social media, I do not have any social media connected to my blog especially since it is so small. I do have a personal Twitter account and LOVE it! I deleted my FB account over a year ago and honestly haven't missed it at all. I do miss being able to catch up with my high school and college friends but luckily a few of them have blogs and twitter.
My real love is Pinterest. I love how easy it is to find things that I previously had to hunt down. I like finding new ideas for my classroom, new recipes to try, new things to create and just about everything else. I have even created a pinboard of pins that I've tried and jotted down adjustments that I've made to them. I have been using Pinterest for over a year and just simply can't get over the fact of how wonderful it is. Since I quit FB, I had to have something to do with all of that free time and Pinterest seems to have done the trick!
I visit lots of websites every day. I usually wake up and check my email and then I check my twitter account. Reading tweets for me is like reading the newspaper for my husband. I follow CNN and People and Us so I have all the bases covered as far as news is concerned. Often times, I know the scoop before it ever comes out in the newspaper which really aggravates T but I secretly love it! I also check flash sale sites like Zulily, Rue La La and Very Jane. I like to find good deals and occasionally these sites have things that are unique or hard to find but they also have well known brands like Kitchen Aid, New Balance and Cuisinart. Most of the products are typically 50-75% off retail prices but they have a limited supply and are only available for a limited time on the site, hence the fact they are called flash sales!
What sites do you check into daily? Any more flash sale sites I should check out?


Jenna said...

I love Pinterest & Zulily!!

Thanks for joining in on the challenge!

Carla said...

It is funny that you mention deleting your facebook account. I have thought about deleting mine, I hate all the garbage on there but my in laws live in Florida and we are in KY so I keep in since they don't follow my blog. My love is for Pinterest, that is for sure.

Happy blogging!!!

The Lovely One said...

I am completely addicted to Pinterest!

I don't think I'm ready to give up my Facebook. There are a lot of people on there that I like to touch base with every once in awhile, but I rarely have time to actually talk with them. Facebook makes it so much easier!

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