Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

I have been tweeting about my Random Acts of Christmas Kindness and my attempt to do 25 things this month. I've been asked about my method and what all I'm doing so here is my schedule and how I went about things.

I started off creating a list of people that I deal with each day. Everyone from the crossing guard at work to the Salvation Army bell ringer made the final cut! Then I created a numerical list 1-25 and made my notes of kindness that I would do each day.

1. Take Ms. Joy (the crossing guard) breakfast.
2. Buy coffee for the person behind me in line at Starbucks
3. Pump gas for someone while they sit in their car
4. Buy the Salvation Army bell ringer a cup of hot cocoa
5. Deliver homemade cookies to the neighbors
6. Send cookies/treats to T's coworkers
7. Order pizza for the neighbors- I know they have lots going on Wednesdays so I thought it would be helpful to already have dinner ready for her. She was very thankful!
8. Send my brother who lives in Tennessee a box of his favorite cupcakes from a local bakery
9. Drop off a few poinsettias for the lady at the post office
10. Take donuts to a friend
11. Tape a dollar to the front of the coke machine at work- I have done this before and it always makes someone's day
12. Leave candy canes and holiday cards on the cars in the parking lot at the grocery store
13. Adopt a family/child for Christmas. We do this every year and I love it!
14. Drop off hot cocoa for the kids who wait at the bus stop in the morning
15. Leave holiday books in the play area at the mall
16. Make Christmas treats for my volunteer moms at school
17. Make a donation to the animal shelter.
18. Leave a gift for the mailman in the mailbox
19. Take my husband's car to work today have it washed on the way home! (yes, I have to work on this day and he doesn't)
20. Take Christmas treats to the nursing home
21. Meet our pool man outside with a cup of coffee and breakfast- he always comes early and I'm never home to do anything for him.
22. Clean out our closets and make a donation to Helping Hands
23. Hand out Starbucks gift cards to people in line. Just a fun twist on buying someone coffee!
24. Deliver Christmas treats to people working late on Christmas Eve. (drugstore, gas station, etc.)
25. Deliver treats to the hospital employees who have to work on Christmas day.

I'd love to hear any other ideas you may have! Hope you have fun speading Christmas kindness and cheer!


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