Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wash, Dry, Repeat

So I got back in town and got the news that we had to get a new washer and dryer. We technically only needed the dryer but knew the washer wasn't doing too well either so we went ahead and got the set. The delivery crew called this morning and told me they would arrive between 1-3 so I finished up some chores and decided to nap since I had a headache. I am pretty sure my eyes had not even shut and the delivery guys were banging on my door 30 minutes early. We haven't ever had a delivery/repair service show up on time or early, we are usually the last ones. So they brought in an installed these beauties.

I really wanted front loaders but I had my parents install cabinets in my laundry room last summer and front loaders wouldn't fit. Also, all the research that I have done says that while they do use less water, they have had many complaints about mold and mildew so I decided I really didn't want those problems! The new machines have been running non stop this afternoon. I think I've done 4 loads which is a lot for 2 people. Plus, I didn't bring any laundry back from my trip cause I did it all before I left my grandmas. Good planning on my part I think! Now comes the chore I am not fond of...putting all the laundry away! Ick!


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