Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summing it up

This song pretty much sums up everything that I have felt for so long. I know that one day, God will bless us with a miracle. Until then, I continue to pray for my friends who are receiving their biggest blessings soon.


Katie's Journey said...

Just know that you are in my prayers daily! I can only imagine how hard this journey has been so far. I too believe that it is all in God's planning. Giving you a virtual hug friend!

mary said...

Oh Chea,
I am thinking of you this week and praying that God answers your prayers. Wish I was closer to give you a hug and let you know how loved you are.

Sarah said...

I think I must have watched that video a hundred times and bawled my eyes out everytime. My heart is hurting for you because I know how badly you want this. Really, there aren't any words that I can say that will make it "better" for you, but know that you have lots of friends who are praying for you!

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