Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Time Spruce Up

Spring break is nearly half way over...(tears)! I am trying to get lots of things crossed off of my to do list but sadly, they aren't being crossed off nearly as fast as I'd hoped. I did make it to the tailors to drop off some jeans Tom bought me but I haven't picked them up yet, hopefully today. I planted flowers out front yesterday evening. We also made it to the tire shop to get Tom's new tires, got Maggie to the vet, visiting the dentist today, haircut tomorrow and visited the CPA to get our taxes done (I have to find a few more pieces of paperwork for that to be completed). I am thankful for spring break otherwise, I have no idea when I would have gotten all these things done!
I am planning to stop in at Walmart to get some organizational bins to sort of organize my cabinets in my bathroom and kitchen area. My hope is that I can throw away some of the "stuff" that I have collected. I am known for keeping things because, "I might use that for something sometime." That's my famous line! I did get lots of things tossed away last night around 11pm. If you know me IRL, you know that I am in bed by 9 every night, that includes summer! I like to get up early though so I use my daylight time well!
Alright, time to get some chores done today! First stop, the dentist...jealous?
Happy Wednesday!


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